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Natural Language API. The powerful pre-trained models of the Natural Language API empowers developers to easily apply natural language understanding NLU to their applications with features including sentiment analysis, entity analysis, entity sentiment analysis, content classification, and syntax analysis. Healthcare Natural Language AI. Gain real-time analysis of insights stored in unstructured medical text.
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Dorothy Chun Trude Heift, Editors. Published by the National Foreign Language Resource Center NFLRC with additional support by the NFLRC and the Center for Language Technology at the University of Hawai'i' at Mānoa, and the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning COERLL at the University of Texas at Austin.
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TOEFL Essentials For Test Takers. TOEFL Essentials For Score Users. Building Confidence and Success. Measure students'' English-language skills to place them in the right courses, monitor their progress and adjust instruction. Learning English starts here for learners ages 8. TOEFL Primary Learn more. Building confidence for learners ages 11. TOEFL Junior Learn more. Expanding the possibilities for learners ages 16. TOEFL ITP Learn more. Pioneering new ways to assess English-language proficiency for over 55 years. Explore the research behind our advancements in English language learning and assessment. Navigation for TOEFL. My ETS Account.
LANGUAGE noun American English definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
He was shocked at how crude their language was. bad/foul language language that might offend people.: My kids have started using the foul language they hear on television. In ordinary language, larceny means stealing or theft. a comparison between spoken and written language.
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It publishes scholarly articles that report on original research covering the field of linguistics broadly, thus treating topics that include, among others, linguistic theory phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics; language description; language in its social setting; the history of individual languages; language acquisition; experimentation on language perception, production, and processing; computational modeling of language; and the history of linguistics.
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They fell in love in spite of the language barrier the difficulty of communicating when people speak different languages. Why study Latin? It's' a dead language no longer spoken by anyone. see also first language, heritage language, modern language, object language, second language, target language, tone language.
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The main emphasis of the modern language courses is on the acquisition and use of language in a range of contexts and for different purposes while, at the same time, promoting an understanding of another culture through the study of its language.
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Middle English language, from Old French language, from Vulgar Latin linguāticum, from Latin lingua tongue, speech, language, from Old Latin dingua tongue, from Proto-Indo-European dnǵʰwéhs tongue, speech, language. Displaced native Middle English rearde, ȝerearde language from Old English reord language, speech, Middle English londspreche, londspeche language from Old English landsprǣċ language, national tongue, Old English þēod and þēodisc language.

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